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Plush Carpet

Plush carpeting, also known as velvet-cut pile, is comfy with short, uniform fibers for a smooth, elegant appearance.

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Plush Carpet


About Plush Carpet

Have you been dreaming of a luxuriously soft white carpet to sink your toes into every morning? Plush carpeting, also known as velvet-cut pile, is what comfy carpet dreams are made of. The short, uniform fibers give a smooth, elegant appearance and a warm, cozy feel. Experience the rich, comfortable texture and you'll understand why plush carpet is considered the softest style available.

What Is Plush Carpet?

Although you might be longing for a cozy, plush carpet in the bedroom, have you ever wondered what exactly makes plush carpeting so soft? This carpet is a cut pile type of carpeting that features short, straight fibers that are twisted together and densely packed. This results in a soft, velvety flooring option. 

The material makeup of these fibers can vary, from synthetics like polyester, triexta, and nylon to natural alternatives like wool. Though durable on its own, plush carpeting in homes with accident-prone pets or little ones may benefit from additional soil and stain protection.


The smooth, uniform look of plush carpeting can accent all types of design styles, from traditional to modern. Often used to glam up formal living or dining rooms, this carpet type wears best in spaces that don't see the same traffic patterns constantly. 

You can choose from an array of color options that includes solid hues alongside tonal and multicolor variations. Neutral earth tones like beige, cream, and greige are most popular for grounding your design style and complementing your decor.

Durability and Maintenance

Plush carpet gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to durability and comfort. The tightly twisted and densely packed fibers are strong enough to tolerate your household's low to moderate foot traffic. But be aware of what you place on plush carpeting. Heavy furniture that sits in the same spot for long periods of time can crush and flatten the strands.  

To preserve the look and feel of your plush carpeting, vacuum often and clean up spills as soon as possible by blotting the area. Be mindful of following the manufacturer's care instructions to get the most life from your plush carpet. 


When you install plush carpeting, you’ll have peace of mind for years to come. Its durability is dependent on a few factors, like the: 

  • Quality of installation and materials used 
  • Carpet cushion and fiber type
  • Amount of wear and tear your household experiences daily
  • How and how often you care for and maintain your plush carpet
  • Whether you follow the manufacturer guidelines

To get the most from your investment, make a point to look into the warranty protection available. This can help ensure your plush carpeting lasts for years to come. 


Plush carpet installation might sound straightforward, but it’s a tedious, methodical process that's best left to the experts. Hiring professional installers will ensure your floors are prepared appropriately and that the carpeting you purchased is glued down or stretched into place properly. 

Pros and Cons of Plush Carpet

The benefits of plush carpet speak to its popularity. The main advantages include

  • Luxurious comfort under bare feet thanks to densely packed fibers providing a velvety cushion this type of carpet is known for
  • Safe for your pet's claws since the strand ends are cut and not looped 

On the downside, plush carpet can show wear more than other options and is better for more formal areas that receive less traffic. Light reflection can cause visible footprints and furniture indentations, and the uniform height and fiber density make vacuuming and carpet cleaning a little more time-consuming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better... berber or plush carpet?

It depends! Both berber and plush carpets have their advantages. Plush carpeting is softer and generally better suited for the more elegant areas of your home, like the dining room or bedroom where you won’t have as much foot traffic. Berber carpet can handle busier areas of your home, such as the living room and hallways, without showing footprints. 

Both options offer durability and comfort, but if you have pets, think twice before adding berber carpet. Berber carpet’s looped fibers can get caught on dog and cat claws, potentially hurting your pet and damaging the carpet. 

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